All Shook Down Festival: More Crowds, Even More Cupcakes

I've made my way slowly but surely -- navigating around the exponentially growing crowds filling the North Beach streets and random hula hoopers-- to Mojito again, where people are getting down to The Park. Just five minutes until Janelle Monae hits the big stage. We can't wait. But we've hardly been biding our time. Since the last update, I saw Odessa Chen, who I had the pleasure of interviewing last week, play at Savoy Tivoli. Of course there had to be cupcakes there, too. They're everywhere, just asking us to eat them. But I digress.

Taylor Friedman
Odessa Chen at Savoy Tivoli
No end in sight!

The petite and elegant Chen played "Deer Perspectives" from her CD Archives of the Natural World for a relaxed crowd. In our interview, Chen had told me that the song is based off the Key Deer, which are miniature deer only found in the Florida Keys.

Savoy Tivoli club is bringing out all walks of life

The scene at Maggie McGarry's, where Mister Loveless is playing right now, was a complete 360. Here we found Dave, who was twirling his heart out, barely paying notice to the indie chicks pulling girls away from their boyfriends to join them where they had paved a dance floor for themselves.

Dave dancing

We didn't want to interrupt Dave's blissful spinning, but we had to know what was going through his mind.

"I came to see The Jazz Mafia All Stars and am checking everything else out now. From jazz, to punk, to alt - I'm really impressed by the diversity here."

He said it!

Monae time! And just in time. Drunk girl down!

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