All Shook Down Festival: It's Not Over Yet!

When we last left off, our friend Janelle Monae had just blown everyone's minds and then left us alone to process everything.

We now resume our story with Neon Indian. Alan Palomo and his band played for a crowd of loyal All Shook Down goers willing to withstand the chills for some chillwave electronic beats. (Sorry, but that was begging to be said.) Since it was the only act slotted for 7 p.m., people either gathered to watch, or, you know, hula hooped some more. Others found warmth by forming circles on the ground with friends to drink (some more) and picnic (on cupcakes no doubt).

Taylor Friedman
Neon Indian


Sonny & the Sunsets provided musical warmth for a packed room back at Savoy Tivoli. The band poked fun at its awkward spot under an arrow sign pointing to the restrooms:

"Hi. We're The Restrooms and this is our debut album, Next Bar."

Sonny & The Sunsets
The crowd swayed to and fro to the set, perhaps able to forget they were nowhere near the Southern California beaches that the songs evoked.


A proper farewell as any, upon exiting the club an hour later, a man walked by wearing a black shirt emblazoned with the legend: "Fuck your blog."

With that, this blog can only reply, no, fuck your blog, and fare thee well. This blogger is calling it a night, but the All Shook Down Music Festival is still going until 2 a.m. Sure, waking up in the morning might be a bitch, but that's Mondays for you anyway. So make your Sunday night count while there's still time.
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