What To Do? Thursday's Pick: King City's Mission Tour, Night #1

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​Admittedly, this sounds like it could get messy: a bunch of beer-fueled guys weaned on punk and hardcore trying their hand at an exotic blend of Latin, swing, mariachi, and Django Reinhardt-style Gypsy jazz. But King City is without a doubt one of the more intriguing local outfits making the rounds, and its fired-up live performances continue to help the band gather steam.

King City first got together in 2003 to play an art show, and has never looked back. Drummer "Boz [Rivera] once said that we're not exactly legitimate, and he's right," says bassist Joe Raposo, who used to play with Rivera and guitarist Chris Rest in legendary punk band RKL. "I'm sure he said that because we don't have any formal training in the styles of music that we play in King City. We just go for it, and it just works out for us. I think that's why we have so much fun doing it."

To celebrate the rerelease of the band's debut album, The Last Siesta, on Emeryville's Omega Records, King City has lined up six shows in the Mission District, beginning tonight at the Homestead. And just to make sure there's never a lull in the action, the band has teamed up with Tecate, which will offer drink specials at the shows. "You shouldn't expect anything from a King City show, because you'll never know what to expect," Raposo says. "We could be on it, we could not be. We could be really drunk, we could be really sober. We could show up, we might not show up. But seriously, it's always a good time, no matter who we play for, whether it be punks, heshers, hipsters, hippies, hookers, little kids, or elderly folks."

King City perform tonight at The Homestead.

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