A World Cup Song, This Time For England

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Ricky Martin said, "Go, go go, ale, ale, ale." And England replied, "Fine, but please stop singing, because we have a game to win."

England decided to pass on an official World Cup song this year, dismissing it as too much of a distraction. There's some logic to this. England won the competition in 1966 -- the last time the country didn't have an official song. If the team was putting more effort into strategy and wasting less time trying to book Scary Spice, they'd probably have more victories to brag about.

But fans want their tunes, and Shakira's "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)" cannot hope to fill England's void. With about a day to go until game time, unofficial songs have been cropping up on the Internet. A standout is Sergeant Major's "Put a Smile on England's Face," which is infectious like a Rooney summer anthem. Says the artist's Myspace:

"Recorded at an undisclosed location while on leave, 'Put A Smile On England's Face' makes a bid to eat all previous attempts for breakfast ...it could be the one to wave your flags to this summer! "

Given England's past performance in the World Cup, we're not sure how much flag waving there'll be. But with this song, at least the blokes on that watery little isle will have something to smile about.

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