Tortoise Gets Wavy with its 'Gravy'

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Usually, I'm prone to posting remixes and dance tunes for the weekly That's My Jam! column, but today I'd like to do something completely different. Chicago post-rock pioneers and all-around indie music veterans Tortoise pulled together some lost elements from its recording sessions for last year's album Beacons of Ancestorship to flesh-out this epic string of 10 jammy, jazzy, and jangly snippets. Clocking in just under 13 minutes, "Ice Ice Gravy" travels through many separate-but-equal movements, all with their own distinctly psychedelic and vintage vibe. Listening to the mini-suites in succession leads to feeling like you're strolling through a busied "happening" at Warhol's Factory in the late '60s or early '70s; each room bustles with a crowd and live music performance pushing unique experiences and illicit substances.

You can stream the entirety of "Ice Ice Gravy," or fork over one dollar for the full download here. And if you find yourself particularly inclined to rolling one and getting lost in the breathtakingly talented quintet's style of expansive, jazz-inspired tunes, don't miss their performance this Friday, June 11 at Great American Music Hall.

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