Stream This Now: Big Boi's New Album Puts Him Ahead of Andre 3000

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If you're as old as I am, which isn't very old at all, you remember 2003 quite well. If you have a decent memory, you'll also remember that "Hey Ya!" by OutKast's Andre 3000 dominated the airwaves for that year and then some. Andre's album The Love Below was  released at the same time as his counterpart Big Boi's Speakerboxxx and overshadowed that other disc. But in some circles, the releases kicked off a debate. Both records were spectacular, but which was actually better?

It's a question that may never be properly answered, but I submit this: Following the muddled wimper of Andre 3000's pet project, the Idlewild movie/soundtrack, Big Boi has surpassed his former partner in both quantity and quality. One listen to the MC's latest, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, puts the final nail in this debate's proverbial coffin.

Over on Big Boi's Myspace page, you can listen to the forthcoming record in its entirety and form your own opinion. Within the first track of the record, "Feel Me (Intro)," it's obvious that the quick-witted, quick-tongued vocalist (born Antwan Patton) knows he's delivering something big. At the end of the short intro, Patton says, "Damn. And that wasn't nothing but the intro." The rest of the album follows in the same assured style, switching quickly among trunk-rattling heaters, dirty club tracks, and funky, poignant ballads.

Sir Lucious Left Foot is set for a July 6 release.

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