PhoneBalls: Because Your iPhone Needs to Grow a Pair

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In the realm of gendering inanimate objects, subtlety has become passe. It's no longer enough for the collective conscious to think of trucks as inherently male, individuals belabor the point by decorating with TruckNutz, plastic testicles that swing from beneath the vehicle.
The tech-world, apparently, is not immune to the trend of festooning its cultural accessories with male genitalia either, and thus the world was given Phoneballs. The silicone iPhone cover features miniature balls dangling from the bottom that provide "a little something to tug on."

The cases come in pink and blue (get it?) and in case you need an excuse (and we assume you do) to carry on a conversation in front of your boss with a wee pair of testicles flapping around your mouth, 10 percent of the sales proceeds go to fight testicular cancer.

(We're not holding our breath for a vagina iPhone cover, but if there was one, we suggest it be called a vagiPhone.)

iPhone 4 vs. (somewhat greasy) PhoneBalls at the WWDC launch earlier today

See how the Phone Balls, um, stack up against the new iPhone 4 in our "It's Real, and It's Spectacular: Photos from the iPhone 4 Launch" slideshow.

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