Geeks Take a Break from Social Media to Celebrate Social Media

via Twitter

"Today is Social Media Day! How are you celebrating?" a Twitter user tweeted.

"Refreshing Twitter to see how everyone else is staying at home on Twitter," would have been the predictable answer. Instead, users responded: "Getting a cake." "Heading to Boston tonight." "Watching fireworks."

Sure enough, they intend to carry out these activities not in the virtual Second Life, but in Real Life. Oh, the irony. People finally communicating outside of Facebook to go outside to talk about Facebook.

Mashable, the social media news site that inspired the unofficial Social Media Day, has geeks congregating worldwide to meet with like-minded social media enthusiasts. In San Francisco, locals are invited to social network over drinks at 6 p.m.  We don't need to tell you that you can watch the meetups online, streaming from as far away as Romania, Costa Rica, and India.

The best part about Social Media Day? Coming back home after an exhausting day of conversing and looking people in the eye to discover 50 pending friend requests.


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