Deadboy's Foals Remix: Oxford Post-Punk Meets London Garage

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Taken from the band's second album,Total Life Forever, Foals' "Spanish Sahara" is a mellow bit of post-punk balladry full of poignant vocal melodies, subtle guitar strums, percolating electronics, and a slow-building intensity that comes off sounding far more like Coldplay than Gang of Four. The song is what it is  -- a heartfelt lull in an otherwise energetic band's repertoire. But in the hands of fellow UK music maker Deadboy, "Sahara" is transformed into something altogether different.

The tune-crafting Londoner remixed Foals' track to fit a sound far more appropriate for a club. Deadboy's remix isn't a banger by any means, but after the song's initial, stripped-down beginning -- about two minutes or so in -- his shuffling rhythm and Yannis Philippakis' hushed vocal track are paired with a thick, bouncing bass melody that helps the track really take off. Just as with the original "Spanish Sahara," this new version slowly builds intensity as it progresses. It even adds two minutes of sound wizardry to the original's already lengthy seven-minute runtime. Deadboy's take on this Foals song isn't a set opener or a peak-hour jam, though. This is a tune meant for the last moments of a night out -- the inevitable wind-down from long night of glancing, dancing, and, hopefully, romancing.

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