Matthewdavid's 'Truss' Sounds Like Being Underwater

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Now, I don't know for sure what sample is being used as the basis of the initial melody of matthewdavid's "Trusss." If I had to guess where the smooth guitar tones and vocal  utterances initially came from, I'd say it was an old-school D'Angelo or a Mary J. Blige track. Though, instead of allowing the buttery soul to loop unaltered, the LA-based producer submerges it all completely in water.

The track starts out sounding as if you dove head-first into a warm, crystal-clear pool. The swirling ambiance and wavering melodies follow your first dip and rise and fall from earshot, making you feel like you can hear the distant sound of small, popping bubbles. I can't think of another song that so perfectly conveys the feeling of floating underwater. Some people might call this beat music, some might think of it as another step forward in the future-boogie sound, but for me, this is just R&B for the year 2050.

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