The Case of the Missing iPad Cover: What to Do While Waiting for "the" Case

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They're selling for twice the price on eBay.

How can you define your status as an Apple fanboy/girl/hermaphrodite without the official Apple iPad case? With its sleek simple design and unique texture...

As BT Vice President of Web Services (and iPad consumer) Kevin Marks put it, "The appeal of the official case is just good design, because Apple actually knew what size the iPad was before they shipped; I've been trying to get one for my son for months." One laptop per child be damned, we want one iPad case for every adult child with $500 of disposable income.

Except there are no official iPad cases anywhere. We put in a call to Apple PR and while they (surprisingly) got back to us promptly, they're still looking for an explanation for the shortage. We also called our local Apple store and were told by an Apple employee that they in fact do have more iPads then official cases ("For awhile it was harder to find a case than an iPad"), which shouldn't be too hard as the official case count is currently zero.

The laws of supply and demand have turned a minimalist device sheath into a status symbol: To roll pimp style you need to have an original case. The missing case caper is complex, confusing, and very Apple --- Nothing makes you want something more then when it's in limited supply.

And, as always with Apple, it's not just about the appliance in our hands, it's how we dress our lil' electronic buddies. Back in the day we may have owned an iPod "Shuffle" and of course, the only thing we cared about was what our Shuffle was wearing. Here's a nostalgic look back at the 2006 Macworld conference, and our furtive search for the right Shuffle outfit.


Naked is never nice unless it's your birthday, or you're trying to slut it up around town (no cover = scratches, trust us). Having an iPad is a great conversation piece, just like your cat, so just like your cat needs clothes, so does your iPad. So what to do while waiting to get the case?

1. Eat Cheetos while working and have a Cheeto-riffic iPad. Orange is a great color, plus you can own the usual Apple greasy fingerprint disaster by "decorating" your iPad in neon orange fingerprints.

2 Do NOT get an murse for your iPad, then others won't know you have one! Non-Apple issue iPad bags are the equivalent of owning an iPod and using black headphones. No, the reason you get an iPod is for the uniquely distinct white headphones that double as Q-Tips.

3. If you can vajazzle your nether-regions, feel free to iPadazzle. Consider bejazzling your iPad. Get a glue-gun, some fake rhinestones and have some fun. Make it work.

4. Flavor Flav your iPad. What is a fireman without his firehat? A man that has to introduce himself as a fireman at parties in order to get laid. If you are not sporting your iPad visibly then people may confuse you for... lord knows what. So tie your iPad around your neck, and emblazon your iPad with pride. Get a grill too while you're at it. 

5. Stickers are a no no. Consider instead taking a look at these covers available online, now, ready to be shipped. They say, "I have an iPad, but I also have another 6 weeks to wait."

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