Arigato! Jamiroquai Wants to Sell You A Virtually Insane Cup of Noodles

Categories: Selling Out
​If you don't know the Jamiroquai song "Virtual Insanity" -- and its iconic, dancing-on-a-moving-floor-in-a-big-hat video -- you didn't watch enough MTV in the '90s.

But even though we saw that floor retract across our screen a zillion times, and tried to sing along when the song came on the radio, we could never quite catch the lyrics. 

Thankfully, there's a new version of the video now that makes Jay Kay's words much easier to understand. Turns out he was just explaining his love for Cup of Noodles (or is it Cup Noodle?) this whole time.

The future, it seems, is made of virtual insanity, monosodium glutamate, and weird shit that happens in Japan. See it after the jump.

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