That's My Jam!: LA's Asura Remixes Caribou

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The unstoppably large group of beat makers and bedroom producers that adorn LA's vast landscape are constantly offering the world fresh gems from their collectively prolific output. One such artist recently caught my attention, the classically trained Asura. Born Ryan York, the young music maker has been honing his craft for years before establishing himself with self-titled debut album for the brand-new Non Projects label. His music isn't as much dedicated to the kind of crunchy, visceral sounds of, say, Flying Lotus, Shlohmo, or Nosaj Thing, but instead focuses on a style that relies primarily on ethereal atmospheres, a subtle employment of samples and electronics, and rhythms that built around large amounts of melodic elements--not visa versa.

Sun (Asura Remix) by asuraprojects

Asura's remix of "Sun"--originally by the brilliant Canadian producer Caribou--turns the track into a more playful, though equally psychedelic, number. Pattering synths dance from your left ear to your right, quiet percussion elements compliment a rolling snare rhythm, and slowly moving in and out the foreground, we can hear Dan Snaith's original vocal track chant "sun, sun, sun, sun..." before its traded out for any number of plinking melodic elements. The mixture of styles works well, and the remix helps further the notion that the LA beat scene may still have a few new pages to show its readers.

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