So Many Babes, So Many Bang Swishes

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The real thing.

The only attraction I could ever feel towards Justin Bieber comes via his lady doppelgangers at Lesbians Who Look Just Like Justin Bieber. At first, I was afraid of implications of misogyny, that it might sound like a blog intended to bully, but not so. The girls who share their own portraits (or those of their friends) boast that they're the cutest Bieber double, and the blogger community responds with flirty and posi comments.

Maggie, called 'the ultimate biebian'
And when I say flirty, I mean the blog almost toes the line of sounding like a hook up site. My favorite might be the girl who calls her pic: "Just-a-Beaver".... I'm sensing a porn name.

And this lady calls herself "the biebiest biebian to ever bieb."
Yes, so much bang swish, so little time.

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