Q&A w/ Tenacious D and Trainwreck's John Konesky

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John Konesky is satanically good at playing guitar. He's even played the anti-Christ in past Tenacious D tours with Jack Black and Kyle Gass. Currently, he's gigging with Gass's other band, Trainwreck, whose debut full-length, The Wreckoning, came out last year. The group has an over the top, outrageous music video for their song "Brodeo," (see below), where they coin a couple new words for their "brocabulary." The song is considered Trainwreck's "manthem." 

Trainwreck comes to town on May 29th for a show at Bottom of the Hill. Konesky chatted with All Shook Down about film scoring, carpentry, and guitar shredding.

Did you play with Tenacious D last year at the Outside Lands?

I did, yeah.

How was that?

It was amazing. United Airlines lost my pedal board flying in. So I had make due with some gear I didn't really know anything about. I was kinda thrust in front of 80,000 people with, yeah, not my own gear. But it was fun! Fortunately we had the greatest team of technicians and management there could ever be, so they took all the worry away. 

You guys were kind of a last minute addition to Outside Lands.

Yeah, and I think there was a little bit of an uproar about that too. It was probably because, I wanna say there were more hip-hop fans there because we were taking the Beastie Boys' place.

How did you get your Trainwreck alias, John Bartholomew Shredman?

John Bartholomew Shredman came from Kyle. Originally it was "Shreddy," just cause I like to play a lot of notes, quickly.

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