Paws Up, Little Monsters: It's Prison for Bitches

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Cover by Michael DeForge

Words are not about to do the Lady Gaga fanzine Prison for Bitches justice just as words fail when trying to describe the muse herself. But I'ma try. Manga geek, Google-ho and Electric Ant editor Ryan Sands teamed up with artist Michael DeForge to assemble a 64 page zine comprised of fan art, comics, essay, and interviews that pay allegiance to Mother Monster herself. Featuring work by Michael Kupperman, Johnny Ryan, Lisa Hanawalt, and Hellen Jo, the zine is a compilation of art that is absolutely out of control and continually impressive, from Evan Hayden's stunning "Lady Galaxy" illustrated-photography to Harvey James's darling interpretation of "Telephone."

Fan art by Saicoink & Angie Wang

Every page leads me to a giggle or gasp, each its own separate awegasm. Collated by hand in S.F. by Sands, the zine captures Gaga's alchemist abilities to dream up that uncanny feeling of the familiar gone strange. And with each read-through, I think I've uncovered it all, but realize there's more mining to be done. If you don't already get the lore behind the Lady, Prison for Bitches might not demystify the story, but instead, swell the myth of the monster. A preview of the first 25 pages can be seen here and you can get your 'lil paws on a copy at Mission Comics.

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