Monday Morning Hangover: Bacon, Metallica, & Banksy

This weekend, people brought home the bacon and went out in the streets for one of San Francisco's quintessential street parties: the How Weird Street Faire.
bacon camp.jpg
Hanna Quevedo
Greasy good fun was had by all who attended Bacon Camp 2010, where the fried delicacy was cooked up in a multitude of ways.
Hanna Quevedo
Ever since the artists Banksy hit S.F. last month and blanketed the city in his distinctive street-art, kids have been chasing new pieces down like a citywide scavenger hunt. This weekend Joe Bertino organized a well attended Banksy Street Stroll.

Bill Meredith
At the Micaela Galley, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted was putting on a different kind of show. The musician had is first art exhibition, showing off his colorful canvases.
how weiwd.jpg
Calibree Photography
Revelers came out in full force and furry boots to party at the How Weird Street Faire, which always manages to live up to its name.

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