Last Night: Tussle, Javelin, & Bronze at Rickshaw Stop

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After finishing its set with the sugary, psuedo hip-hop of "Oh Centra!," Javelin evacuated the stage to make room for Tussle, one of my favorite local bands. There was a brief lull before the group started its set, and it seemed much of the crowd had filtered out in the meantime. 

From the onset, Tussle had a difficult time establishing a groove. Something was missing from its sound, which could have been the result of having two new members on stage, or because the group was playing brand new material. Occasionally, the quartet would find its stride and jam a bit on its expansive, krautrock-inspired tunes, but those moments were short-lived. After some short hits and far more misses, Tussle was unable to play anything that resembled the group's cohesive songs I love so much.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: While Javelin's music was on point last night, I wish the duo had toned down the excessive vocals. Many of the band's songs are actually instrumental, but were treated to a constant vocal workout in the live show. It was an interesting idea, but when nonsensical raps about middle school and hijacked lyrics from Blondie's "Heart of Glass" overpower the lighthearted dance beats that I love so much, I'm gonna be slightly perturbed. Had Javelin turned down the vocals--or possibly even cut their presence in half--it would've made the music much more enjoyable.

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