Five Other Video Games That Would Make Great Google Logos

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Today will forever be known as the day Google disabled the productivity of an entire workforce with the addition of one beloved '80s arcade game to the "Google Doodle" part of its homepage.

Concerned about how many work hours the interactive PAC-MAN game usurped, we contacted Google; While the official word was "We don't have any specific metrics to share around our PAC-MAN doodle," we're going to venture, judging by the tweets and computer screens around the office, quite a few.

In fact, if any Googlers are reading, it'd be great if you guys did this every Friday. And, if you need inspiration, here are our suggestions for other '80s games we'd like to play see as your logo.

All art by Audrey Fukuman.
Audrey Fukuman (Click to enlarge)

Super Mario Brothers

Audrey Fukuman

Donkey Kong
Audrey Fukuman

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