Conan O'Brien at Google: The World Has Completely Changed

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Rounding out an unofficial tour of Silicon Valley, Conan O'Brien visited Google's Mountain View headquarters on Wednesday, ribbing Google VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra about the company's infamous aloofness: "You guys are so power mad here at Google, You're such entitled A-holes. Hey, Conan's in the area, make him come by... Do a dance." 

Fresh off the recent old media fail that was his stint on Tonight Show, the former NBC host sprinkled his pretty brilliant comedy bit with webist rhetoric, emphasizing the Internet as an agent for media change  --"[Five years from now] there might not be network television as we know it. Who knows?"

Highlight of the rest of the show: Surprise guest Andy Richter describing the fancy pants Google toilets, "All Googlers MUST front-cleanse." I dare you to try front-cleansing, and not tell me these nerds are on to something.

O'Brien and Gundotra drop it like it's hot.

Read more in "Conan O'Brien: Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour."

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