Brand-New Single From M.I.A.

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Following soon after her forthcoming album's first single, "Born Free," and its accompanying controversial video, M.I.A is sharing another track from her as-yet-unreleased third full-length. The new song, "XXXO," was officially announced today via M.I.A's own N.E.E.T. label. On the N.E.E.T. blog you can stream the single, check out some circa 2001 computer graphics, follow a link to download the song, and ascertain the DIY diva's new album title, / \ / \ / \ Y / \ (or "MAYA").

"XXXO" is a strange flirtation with Lady Gaga-style pop, done with M.I.A.'s typically subtle snark. She uses Auto-Tuned vocals, warbled guitar licks, and what sounds like a drum-machine set to "Timbaland" to flesh out its stripped-down, "Britney Spears on Quaaludes" sound. The new track is the exact opposite of the blistering drum sounds and distorted Suicide synth sample that comprise "Born Free." 

M.I.A. effectively continues to pique our interest in discovering what else is in store when / \ / \ / \ Y / \ drops July 13.

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