American Idol Breaks Some Hearts

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Were you upset that Crystal Bowersox lost to Lee DeWyze on American Idol? I did not think so, but I've heard through the internet that some people become completely invested in the show, and this defeat might have stung for some, especially for the mother of YouTube user "nyturkeyduster," who says he decided to record his mom because she gets so worked up, "it's unhealthy." Doing his mom a favor by using YouTube as intervention a la Taylor Hasselhoff, the proud son posted his mom's freakout. At 1:53, when the host asks how it feels to be the new American idol, Mom answers "Like shit!" and tells Seacrest, DeWyze, the TV, or all of America "'cause you're an asshole!" Really, was this the tipping point that ruined her '"whole life"?

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