What To Do? Tales From Terror Town at Mezzanine

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Set photo from "The Violent Kind"

Tales From Terror Town @ Mezzanine

Horror is all too often dissed as a low-rent genre, but talented directors from Roman Polanski to Francis Ford Coppola to Sam Raimi have entered the film biz through that dark door. This particularly ambitious threesome escaped the movie industry's dank basement into a sunny hereafter of Oscars and riches, but they never lost their zeal for a good, creepy jolt. Let's hope the same cheerful fate awaits a couple of rising local talents on the verge of their big close-ups.

Joshua Grannell (aka Peaches Christ) and the Butcher Brothers (aka Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores) unveil their respective spooky movies -- All About Evil and The Violent Kind -- scant weeks from now in late-night slots at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Casting an early pall, as it were, the S.F. Film Society's bimonthly Film Arts Forum provides the filmmakers with a platform to riff about their all-time favorite fright nights in dark theaters and to share one or two behind-the-camera horror stories. "Tales From Terror Town" lifts the (coffin) lid on a new wave of genre go-getters dying to turn the Bay Area into Hellwood North tonight at Mezzanine ($5-$8, 7 p.m.)

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