The Gays Win in the Battle of Erykah Badu Parodies

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Erykah Badu knows one way to get bloggers excited--by taking off all her clothes for her "Window Seat" video, spurring rumors that she's gonna get arrested, and causing Dallas cops to consider tougher laws to prevent future streakers from stripping naked for the sake of art.

If the police are really concerned about her inspiring fans to flash cameras, too late. The "Window Seat" parodies are already getting, ahem, exposure--most of them involving people struggling with stripping (unfunny Wanda Sykes here) or dudes getting naked.

My favorite "Window Seat" video remix involves a dude getting naked (if you're at work, his naughty bits are blurred out here) but at least he gives the concept a twist. Below, behold "Window Seat" reinterpreted by a pair of gay boys with a Charlene fetish.

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