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The Dead Weather

Jack Lawrence is a hard working rock 'n' roller. He's so busy with his bands--The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, and The Greenhornes--that he he hardly has the time to sleep. The Dead Weather, who are coming to town this week to play two shows at the Fillmore on Thursday and Friday, have a new album, Sea of Cowards, coming out on May 10th. Lawrence's oldest group, The Greenhornes, also have a new album set to release sometime this summer. In a rare moment of rest between trips from Tokyo to San Francisco, the Dead Weather bassist found time to chat with All Shook Down from his current digs in Nashville.

How did the Dead Weather come into existence?

Well The Raconteurs were on tour with the Kills, and Jack [White] had just finished his studio. After the last show we just decided to grab Alison [Mosshart] and take her back to Nashville. We were just going to do a 45, but once we got into the studio, we started writing and writing and all of a sudden we had an album.

Who came up with the name "The Dead Weather"?

We don't have a good story about it. We don't really remember who came up with it--I think maybe Jack [White].

What do you like to do when you're in San Francisco?

Hang out with my friends. They took my sightseeing once. I had been there a lot and I finally got them to take me to the Golden Gate Bridge and stuff like that, it was nice. We have some good friends there. Also been to a few record stores.

Did you go to Amoeba?

Yeah, I really like Amoeba. We played all of the [Amoeba stores] in one day once.

Any favorite haunts here in town?

There's a few bars, a couple in the mission I like, like Doc's Clock. I like that club the Bottom of the Hill.

What's your favorite city to play in so far?

Um, I don't know. As far as crowds, Mexico City was really good. They're excited. I guess maybe not a lot of American bands come down there. They're always really excited to see rock n' roll music. We had a really good show in Paris last year and we just had a really good show in Japan too, in Tokyo.

Alison Mosshart is a very theatrical performer, is she like that off stage too?

No, not too much theatrics or drama, not really. She smokes, she laughs, she writes in her little book all the time.

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