Monday Morning Hangover: Easter Edition

We're sure you missed out on most of these events, since you were in church all weekend praying and stuff, so it's a good thing we kept a detailed record for you.
Gretchen Robinette
Neither rain nor sleet nor fear of God's wrath could stop the annual Hunky Jesus Contest from happening, so when the skies opened up and poured fourth, the Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence just moved their event inside. And, of course, the crowds followed.
Ian S. Port
Up and coming band Surfer Blood took the stage at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday with Turbo Fruits and Ganglions. Read Ian S. Port's live review here.

Joseph Schell
It was a comic book/sci-fi/fantasy nerd's wonderland at Wondercon 2010, where the superstars of the comic book world came together for a weekend-long series of events and exhibitions.
Gretchen Robinette
Space bunnies met the bun-dead (zombie bunnies, duh) at the Bunny Glam Jam where the ferocious, furry crowd cut loose.

Happy Marshmallow Bunny Day, everyone! Now get back to work. Jesus would want you to.

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