Monday Morning Hangover: Cannabis Expo, Red Hots Burlesque, and Bed Races

This weekend offered a plethora of choices for music fans, pot fans, and people who are fans of racing household furniture through the streets. (Fans of all three basically had the best weekend ever.)

Marijuana advocates and enthusiasts crowded the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo, that featured exhibitions, speakers, a patients' lounge, and our very own Tom Ammiano.
hemp expo.jpg
Chris Roberts
A film screening and free oysters were not the tastiest treats at Red Hots Burlesque at El Rio, where Suppositori Spelling, Dottie Lux, and Molotov Lady all made appearances.
Hanna Quevedo

For everyone who didn't get enough of the Coachella acts that hit San Francisco pre-festival, there were three days of fun in the sun with a jaw-dropping line-up of artists. Check out photos from day one, two and three.
Christopher Victorio
Meanwhile, the 1st Annual Bed Races were anything but sleepy. Teams of creatively clothed competitors raced -- you guessed it-- beds down Fillmore.
Hanna Quevedo
Following all the weekend's excitement, bed is kind of where we'd like to be right now. Do you think anyone will notice if we crawl under the cubicle for a nap?

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