Last Night: The Whitest Boy Alive, Sugar & Gold at Slim's

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The Whitest Boy Alive, Sugar & Gold
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Better than: imagining the remake of Saturday Night Fever 2010 starring Lady Gaga.

The line to get into Slim's last night stretched halfway down the block. For the first show of its first U.S. tour, the Berlin-based band The Whitest Boy Alive had a sold out a house full of young, hip Americans ready to groove themselves silly. Even before the opening act stepped onstage, the room had an anticipatory pulse that spilled out onto the street, teasing the people still in line, anxiously waiting to get inside.

Local openers Sugar & Gold took that infectious pulse, plugged it into their amps, and turned up the volume with the first three songs off their new album Get Wet, which is being released on the 27th of this month. "Are their any vegetarians in the house tonight?" asked the lead singer of Sugar & Gold, Nicolas Dobbratz. Clearly a hard-core vegetarian himself, his stage banter bordered on preachy when he croaked, "don't even get me started about meat" in-between numbers.

The five piece funky disco band brought down the house with its song "What Kind of Lover Are You?" which Dobbratz dedicated to Morrisey. The hand pumping and body thrusting throughout the audience was so intense the air inside the club vibrated.

The energy Sugar & Gold exuded was so genuinely ecstatic the crowd couldn't help cheering through entire songs. Dobbratz jumped off stage at one point to give hugs to two girls standing directly in front of center stage. The group's set was the perfect ramp-up to Whitest Boy Alive's even groovier show.


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