Last Night: RJD2 and Busdriver at the Independent

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RJD2, Busdriver 
Wednesday, April 7, 2010 
The Independent

Better than: Karaoke night with R2D2 and a bus driver.

Indie-rapper Busdriver called last night's bill at the Independent a "weird rap night." The music was eclectic, to be sure, but the vibe was strange too. It was the type of night where you couldn't drink beer because the trip to the bathroom was a punishing gauntlet of feet swinging from the railing and elbows swinging from the bodies in the pit; the type of night where a guy offers you a hit from his hash pipe one minute and accosts the guy to your left the next.

  Nevertheless, both RJD2 and Busdriver put on entertaining shows.


LA's Busdriver, who has been putting his elastic voice on plastic for more than a decade, delivered his abstract spitfire message while handling half of the beats himself. "Casting Agents and Cowgirls" and "Unemployed Black Astronaut" got people rocking, and Busdriver fired off a climactic cannon of confetti mid-set, calling it a "premature ejaculation."

 After his show, Busdriver handled the action at the merch booth for a few minutes. Then he fell into the gauntlet, telling a fan, "I can't get around here." 

RJD2 opened up his set in costume: A homemade Boba Fett-style mask and a beatbox strapped to his crotch. He spoke through a robo-coder type of effect and called his package "the first ever scrotum of musical instruments."
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