Ambient Online Music Boxes for the Stoned At Work

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I don't smoke weed, but I still like the sound of ambient music boxes that make my brain buzz. Especially if I can play them at work, and they're created using the "orbital frequencies of our solar system." The designer behind WhiteVinyl crafted this truly cosmic little player called SolarBeat where the motion of planets can be mapped by the little chimes they emit. You can play God (or, as it were, DJ), by adjusting the number of years that have passed, thereby slowing or speeding the tempo of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Pluto, and company. It's like having the skies take a sonic feather duster to clean all that white office noise right outta your ear holes. 

Another truly trippy constellation of sights and sounds can be found over at the Whitney Music Box built by KrazyDad, who uses a lot of math and Flash knowledge to compose a cascading, crashing, and kinda creepy collage of notes that moves with colored dots, and reminded one commenter of an old Goblin soundtrack.   

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