Annoy People on the Go with Drawdio

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Techies love generating new ways to make strange noises. The iPhone gave us the ability to annoy friends with ease using a plethora of sound-generating apps like iAno or I Am T-Pain. Now, another kind of portable noise maker has surfaced, the slightly cooler seeming--though actually more obnoxious sounding--Drawdio.

Drawdio is based on a theremin (check out the Wiki page if you need the rundown on how that instrument works), but can be utilized with just about any object. It's a simple circuit that's connected to a speaker and attached to, say, a pencil, a plant, or a person, and through whatever magical energy the tech-heads responsible have harnessed, sound is generated from the contact.

From the video posted above, it would seem the potential for sonic creativity is endless. But no matter what you use to play Drawdio, the noises generated remain the same high-pitched tone. In short, it gives the public the power to sound like nails on a chalkboard at any moment.

Perhaps Brian Eno could use the powers of Drawdio for good, but like many of these new on-the-go noisemakers, it could also end up generating a simple rise in demand for ear plugs.

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