10 Things To Do This Weekend For Under $10: Basement Disco, KUSF's B-Day & 3-D Blowout

Mean Jeans
This weekend there's no excuse to experience San Francisco in one dimension. Not when there are cheap events coming at you from basements, galleries, comedy clubs, and record stores. Make your weekend 3-D (especially if you hit the ATA Saturday night) with a few of these 10 ways to get into trouble, all for under $10.

Blondes, Party Effects, Bookworms @ Li Po (Fri.) Tonight the best little dive in Chinatown, Li Po, hosts a mix of live and vinyl action down in its dank basement. New York's Blondes chill your brain with cosmic disco, Party Effects does something artsy with beats, and Bookworms send the beats into space. Throw in the Donuts DJs, throw down the $4 entry fee, and you have the house-party vibe worth leaving home for. (9:30 p.m.)

Muni Diaries Live! Breaking It Down @ Make-Out Room (Fri.) What the hell, Muni? Is it that hard to pick us up on time? You know, if the bus were always a smooth ride, it would give us so much less to bitch about -- and blog about. Tonight Muni Diaries hosts Breaking It Down, a free story-swap at the Make-Out Room where you can get loaded on booze while people unload on the bus system. The public transit narrators include Will Franken, Johnny FunCheap, BART operator Kelly Beardsley, and more. (Free, 7:30-9:30 p.m.)

Mission Freak @ Rickshaw Stop (Fri.) If you want another year of Mission Creek Music Fest, here's a chance to get a little fun out of offering your financial support. Mission Freak is a dance party benefit featuring soul, funk, garage, pop, and lots of other goodies from Kelley Stoltz, The Selecter DJ Kirk, EmDee, Neil Martinson, and Roll. Pick your admission price (something between $5 and $10) and help support the homegrown, indie- and underground-leaning fest another year. (10 p.m.)

Bonobo @ Amoeba (Fri.) "With his fourth album, the recently released Black Sands, U.K.-based Bonobo has secured his status as the production star of the Ninja Tune label. The talented producer and musician is fond of creating epic soul- and funk-infused soundscapes embellished with expansive horn arrangements. Astutely, he avoids memories of bland trip-hop with hearty use of upcoming London-born songstress Andreya Triana, whose delicate vocals feature throughout the album. She has already collaborated with L.A.'s feted beatmaker Flying Lotus on the track 'Tea Leaf Dancers,' and Bonobo is set to produce her debut album, due out this fall. She is accompanying him onstage throughout his U.S. tour. Together, they exemplify an urbane and soulful U.K. sound. They perform together tonight at Mezzanine, but you can catch a free Bonobo set at Amoeba at 5 p.m." -- Phillip Mlynar

Wild Thing, Mean Jeans, Outdoorsmen, Impediments @ Pissed Off Pete's (Fri.) If Pissed Jeans are just too, you know, angry for your tastes, try some Mean Jeans instead. The latter is a Portland band that's as threatening as a Ramones chorus and just as lowbrow. These dudes keep their songs focused on the basics: avoiding DUIs and getting stoned. Tonight they play a $5 Pissed Off Pete's show with Wild Thing, Outdoorsmen, and Impediments. (9 p.m.)

Blasted Canyons @ Joe Roberts' Lake Gallery Opening (Fri.) It's hard for us to look at Lake Gallery's Web site without drooling. How can you resist a giant photo of mac 'n' cheese -- the good stuff, from Kraft, that turns the noodles traffic-cone orange. The Divisadero gallery is hosting that photo of Pac Man-shaped noodles, and other works by Joe Roberts, tonight from 7 until 9:30 p.m. There'll be live entertainment on deck, too, starting at 8 p.m.: primitive stomp, surf, fuzz, 'n' pop from the excellent Blasted Canyons. (Free)   

Nature's Mistake Dance Party @ DSSF (Fri.) The DSSF shop in the Lower Haight is kicking off the weekend with $2 beers, free Jell-O shots, and live performances by the First Class dance crew and the Nature's Mistake design crew -- who plan on painting a Corvette at 6 p.m. The main event starts at 8 p.m., and also includes a set by DJ Smooth. You can slide in free, but you have to RVSP so they know you're coming. 

Kerry Laitala, Eats Tapes, Pad McLaughlin & Hologlyphics @ ATA (Sat.) The wording on this Other Cinema "steroscopic" event is so psychedelic our retinas are doing somersaults just trying to read the description. Local experimental filmmaking goddess Kerry Laitala presents 3-D visuals for ATA's screen while Eats Tapes brings new sonic realities to your ears and Hologlyphics scrambles your senses with sound sculptures and "hyper-dimensional sacred geometry." Yet another night of three-chord rock this is not. (8:30 p.m., $7.77)

HoboFish Improv @ The Dark Room (Sat.) Comedy clubs are great, but they can get pretty spendy, between the tickets and the two-drink minimums. The Dark Room's scene is much closer to our budget. On Saturday, the Mission venue hosts the hoboFish Improv, which we know little about except that its members have trained with other funny people. Their "longform" performance is only $7 if you commit in advance. (10 p.m.)

KUSF's 33rd Birthday Party @ Noc Noc (Sun.) What would San Francisco do without KUSF? Our ears would shrivel up and die. The city's premier radio station consistently serves up the best in underground music: disco, drone, doom, delicate indie pop, Afrobeat, avant-electronic, etc., etc. If there's a tag for the genre at Aquarius, these DJs are playing it on the air. It's rare to find such a broad spectrum of great music on terrestrial dial. On Sunday, the station celebrates "33 joyful years under the Lord" near its USF hood. From 3 p.m. until closing time, your favorite DJs will spin records and stories at Noc Noc in the Lower Haight. Full schedule here. (Free)

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