Who Makes the Best Mixtape in SF?

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So you think you're pretty skilled at making mixes for your pals? Or perhaps you're just looking for a hottie with similar taste in doom metal? SF Mixtape Society is an open-to-the-public club for folks who enjoy making music mixes...on a theme. Back in January, 123 lovingly-crafted comps traded hands among their members. This Sunday, April 4, they're hosting another swap meet at the Make-Out Room from 4 until 6 p.m.

This time, the theme is "Fools Rush In," and you can perfect your soundtrack on "cassette, CD, USB stick, and all other formats." It's free to join and hang out, and since SFMOMA is sponsoring this one, expect some fine museum schwag to be had there too.

To help get you inspired, here's a couple mixes that just came out today.

Streets on Beats 74 by DJ Woogie (best song title: "Fuck Yo Hair.")

Das Racist just dropped Shut Up, Dude, which is chock full of "stoner rap." On their mix, last summer's classic jam "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" and "Deep Ass Shit (You'll Get It When You're High)."

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