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Shit & Shine

Shit & Shine with Eugene Robinson

Unlike many modern noisers who lay down percussionless swaths of sound, Britain's Shit & Shine have been known to assemble as many guest drummers as they can fit into a chosen space -- perhaps only Crash Worship or the Boredoms' 77 Boadrum experiment were more rhythm-centric than some of S&S's beat happenings. This is hardly a drum circle for neo-psych hipsters, however: these beats don't make the listener want to dance so much as try to scratch a nerve-stabbing itch that keeps crawling up the inside of your spine like a spidery nanobot.

Shit & Shine's recorded output is schizoid to the extreme, embracing an erratic pigfuck-cum-industrial delirium that slams together grimy synthetic noise, guitar scruzz, piercing feedback, and a sense of humor designed to offend delicate sensibilities. They're certainly not the kind of albums you leave on the coffee table to impress the guests.

To increase to the insanity, Oxbow singer Eugene S. Robinson -- himself an infamous, squirm-generating channeler of psychic disturbance -- joins the group for a show at the Lab that is sure to test the boundary between hypnosis and psychosis. Things could definitely get crazy. No doubt there are Shit & Shine fans who desperately hope so. (9 p.m., sliding scale $8-$14, free entrance with Lab membership).

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