SXSW Friday Morning Scorecard (So Far)

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Scorecard for SXSW w/ 2 Days Down, 2 Left To Go

*Sets by The Antlers, Real Estate, The Morning Benders, Surf City

*Your first veggie dog with a can of Lone Star in the sunshine

* Music "venues" in old museums, warehouses, and giant dead lawns, across the industrial side of Austin

*Free ice cream man

*Hearing some dudes tell another dude he's only gonna get some if he pays for it through the booth. 

*Hearing that the new Band of Horses material, performed live at a big outdoor venue, was great.

*Watching some drunk chick skid to the sidewalk like she's trying to catch a fly ball. 

Not awesome!

*Your third veggie dog and can of Lone Star (because there is no time for a proper meal at any point during SXSW)

* These Jesus freaks, crazying it up in the middle of 6th. St. (But, Awesome!: The two dudes who stood right in front of them and just gunned the full-tongue kisses with each other).

* Headliners staying in their vans for the length of the show. 

* Bars that are named the exact same thing, but are actually located in two different places. Hence, you stand in line for 20 minutes to get in, another 5 minutes for a drink, and realize you're at the wrong Beauty Bar. 

* Going to the right Beauty Bar to see what this whole Titus Andronicus hype is all about. See before you a pretty typical, albeit very enthusiastic, bar rock act with a singer who sounds like Bright Eyes. 

* Having your bassist get so drunk at a show in another city the night before that he misses your calls--and his plane to Austin--so you have to play two shows with a pickup bassist (overheard conversation with dude's not stoked bandmates).

*Watching your fifth drunk chick skid into the sidewalk like she's catching a fly ball.  (Seriously, that's gotta hurt).


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