New MGMT Video: Flash Delirium

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The new MGMT record, Congratulations, isn't out until April 13, but word on the street is all about how the band resolved this round to forgo the usual step of releasing singles. The duo is, however, releasing videos, and this madhouse clip for "Flash Delirium" is great for all its creepiness. 

Here, MGMT's Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden made an audio-visual comment on the "chaos of modern times" by hitting a welcome home party at a rich military family mansion, where polite decorum slowly unravels with the introduction of ventriloquists and their dummies, a demon eel pulled from a talking slit in the throat, and a general explosion of oddness that would make Terry Gilliam proud.

This is good proof that MGMT hasn't lost any of its artsy inclinations, a concept fans can further test when the group comes to San Francisco for two nights at the Fillmore April 12 and 13. 
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