iPillow: Mom Lovingly Crafts iPhone Pillow for Son

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Yes, this is an iPhone pillow made for Drew Olanoff, most notably of #blamedrewscancer and textPlus, by his mom Lynda Harrison.

And while I do wish my mom was this Apple (and sewing) savvy, what's notable about this pillow is that Harrison started sewing it at the start of Olanoff's chemotherapy for Hodgkin's Disease and finished it right as he finished treatment, as evidenced by these photos.

Now I've seen a lot of tech-themed bedding in my blogging career, but I've never seen an honest to goodness homemade iPillow.

Why an iPillow? "During chemo my iPhone kept me alive and sane and connected," Olanoff says.

Best part: It has a small handmade side pocket -- that fits an iPhone

Can't wait 'til mom makes the matching iPad comforter.


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