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I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Bishop (a.k.a. The Beat Broker) when he did an outstanding DJ set at a monthly dance party I throw. His seamless set of spacey disco and boogie tunes that night laid testament as to why he's such a busy and talented producer. Bishop has an ear for solid grooves and moving melodies. With his impeccably-crafted dance tracks released far and wide, there's no sign of the Beat Broker letting up.

This week's Behind the Beat focuses on Bishop: how his tracks come together, his dream record label, and what lies ahead. In the immediate future, he'll be performing this Saturday, March 13, at 222 Hyde along with Tony Watson and fellow SF production team Windsurf.

How would you describe your music to someone new to disco or house?
Melodic dance music.

What two elements most inspire the tracks you create?
Myself and the dancefloor. Typically I'm making a track just for myself, something to listen to on repeat on headphones or on the way to work. I never know for sure if the track will be released, so I try to not be concerned about that. If I can't find a label but I've heard the track 100 times and love it, that's fine. More recently, I'll try to make something to fit into my DJ set too. Making a track to hold up next to what I play in my sets helps to make sure the key elements are there and gives the track some direction.

What is your creative process like? Do you have a routine, or do you just start when inspiration hits?
For writing new tracks I usually start with some type of sampled loop. Maybe just drums or something with synths in it too. Something with a groove in it to set the mood. I'll take that and pile other samples on top, then I'll turn on my sequencer and synths, and try to add to it. If it's still listenable (and I'm lucky) I'll have some parts to build a full song out of.

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