That's My Jam! Ocelot Remixes Shy Child

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Shy Child gets the Ocelot treatment
Like all electro-house producers worth their weight in blog posts, Ocelot is no stranger to the remix. The UK-based duo takes your average DJ/producer's penchant for tweaking favorite tracks to the limit. Nine out of ten songs on Ocelot's Myspace page are crafted from another artist's source material.

Some of Ocelot's remixes become annoyingly hyperactive and overbearing, but their new remix for NY's poppy synth-punk band Shy Child is comparatively subdued and completely enjoyable. Shy Child's original song is taken from its upcoming, fourth album, Liquid Love, and is nearly a ballad when held up against the spazzy, synth-addled freak-funk of previous singles like "Noise Won't Stop." Still, "Disconnected" is a catchy piece of pop, sounding like The Cars covering Blondie's "Heart of Glass."

With a straightforward disco-inspired house beat, a softly arppegiating synth, and Pete Cafarella's poignant vocal work, Ocelot's version of "Disconnected" could rest easily in the beginning or middle of any dance music-loving DJ's set list, but isn't energetic or mellow enough to provide a proper closing selection. Truthfully, Ocelot doesn't change much on its remix, other than the instrumental sounds used to create the beats and melodies, staying true to Shy Child's initial heartfelt sentiment throughout. It just goes to show, sometimes the best changes are the slightest.

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