SuicideGirls, In Defense of the App Store Ban: 'Bummer for Apple, We Get It'

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Missing the opportunity to do so at San Francisco's Goldman Sachs' tech conference earlier today, Apple has yet to clarify guidelines as to why over 5,000 apps were removed from its App store this weekend.

As is the case with most news about Apple, the Internet has responded to the most easily accessible information -- primarily the fact that the App store rules spelled out for Wobble developer Jon Atherton  don't seem to apply to some other heavy hitters, namely publishers. Well, not so in the case of online publisher SuicideGirls, who is in the unique position of having its Suicide Girls Flip-Strip App banned while its Seduce a SuicideGirl App is still available for download in the Apple store.

Screen shot 2010-02-23 at 5.34.59 PM.png
Screencaps from the now defunct SuicideGirls Flip-Strip App

Missy Suicide, co-founder of one of the largest adult content sites on the Internet, spoke with SF Weekly via e-mail, on why adult publishers should use the ban as an excuse to improve the level of their content, tacky-soft core porn or otherwise.

Screen shot 2010-02-24 at 3.47.06 PM.png
Missy Suicide, above via Monstersandcritics

SF Weekly: Do you think the App ban makes sense? Is there anything else Apple can do with regards to protecting minors, etc from nsfw content?

Missy Suicide: It never makes sense to us when people find shooting prostitutes and selling drugs in Mafia Wars games okay but not a cute girl in her underwear. [But] we believe there is nothing wrong with pictures of a cute girl in her underwear, so we may not be the people to ask.

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