Local Frequency: Bay Area Artist Q&A w/ General Elektriks

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Hervé "RV" Salters is best known locally as the keyboardist from Honeycut and a frequent collaborator with fellow Quannum Projects mates Blackalicious. A few years ago, while on downtime from Honeycut, Salters decided to record his first solo effort, Cliquety Kliqk, under the moniker General Elektriks. The album gained a following in his native France, where he spent a good deal of last year touring. His second effort, A Good City for Dreamers, was released stateside last November. The record contains mini-stories of Salter's love for his adopted home, told over a foundation of funky electro-soul beats and bizarre samples.

Salters sat down with Local Frequency at Café du Soleil to chat about getting big in France, reading up on Afrobeat, and being a dad.

If you could describe your sound as a San Francisco neighborhood, which one would it be?
Hervé "RV" Salters: Well, I live in Berkeley, but it definitely wouldn't be there, it's very gentrified. It would be somewhere in Oakland, like Lake Merritt, or West Oakland. Like this project, [those areas] are very diverse.

Your records are very popular in France, but do you have any plans to tour here?
HS: Yes, soon. I don't really have a booking agent here yet. I'm distributed through a French label, Label Bleu, and the [first] album just kind of took off. I won't complain, you know. Here at home I'm a dad, I hang out with the kids, make lunches, and then I get to tour in France. You get treated way better as a musician in France, Germany, and Spain than you do here in the States.

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