King Cannibal's Fuck Valentine's Day Mix: Snuggle This!

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Nathan Seabrook

Valentine's Day is the soppiest date of the year. Dewy-eyed lovebugs would have you believe it's exemplified by bunches of red roses and teddy bears and boxes of candy and cards with pink hearts on the front and cloying sentiments scrawled inside.

The charmingly named King Cannibal, on the other hand, would prefer to spend his time making music that's inevitably described as "dark and disturbed." Based out of South London, his history includes curating a retrospective of the Warp label. His debut album on Ninja Tune, Let the Night Roar, was released late last year and hinges on monstrous, speaker-devouring drum 'n' bass and dancehall assaults that boast song titles like "Flower of Flesh and Blood" and "Murder Us." So obviously he's the ideal candidate to perform at a Valentine's Eve party, "Fatal Attraction," this Saturday in the basement of Club Six, and to craft a Valentine's Day-destroying mixtape, lovingly titled "A Long Way from Your Fuckin' Heart."

Here are King Cannibal's mood-shattering picks for his fantasy compilation.

V.V.M., "Lady in Red (Is Dancing with Meat)"

"V.V.M. is two guys from the U.K. who make music that is musical torture. They completely mangle and trash songs. This one's a version of Chris de Burgh's 'Lady in Red.' Playing it is a good way to end any romantic thoughts."

Throbbing Gristle, "Very Friendly"

"This would merge well with the song before it. They're an experimental industrial group from England from the late '70s. The lyrics begin by talking about serial killers: 'It was just another day in Manchester/Ian Brady and Myra Hindley drinking German wine.' It ends with, 'There's been a m-m-m-m-m-m-m-murder.'"

Anything by Sunn O)))

"Some drone music by Sunn O))) would be a perfect mid-mix interlude. It's unlikely to get you laid ..."

Aphex Twin, "KTPA1"

"This is a B-side from a white-label release by the Bug, titled 'Run the Place Red.' It's pure white noise. I think they used tone generators for it. It's like the fabled stories of [Aphex Twin] going to clubs and playing the sound of sandpaper and scaring people."

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