Google Wins Brand Bowl

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For media observers the Super Bowl is in fact Brand Bowl, with commercials that cost an average of $3 million dollars being the true contenders during the precious "all eyes on me" time. And on a day when the biggest Superbowl ad news involved a Pepsi ad that did not happen due to the continuing advertiser shift to online, it was tech darling Google and it's highly anticipated "Parisian Love" ad (below) who emerged as Brand Bowl winners.

And not just because of the blather on Twitter. According to preliminary Innerscope Research data, the Mountain View-based search company's elegant ode to long distance relationships provided the biggest jump in viewer reaction at Wired's Biometric Advertising Party, where subjects' emotional responses (temperature increase/decrease, sweating, etc) to the Super Bowl ad debuts were measured in real time, using Innerscope's aggregated skin conductance tools.
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The above screen cap shows the gulf in biometric viewer reaction during the somewhat incomprehensible U.S. Census ad and Google's "Parisian Love." It's clear that the Google ad created a strong emotional response in the test group, while the Census ad... not so much.

While further comparative analysis of the raw data is forthcoming, Google definitely saw the biggest jump in biometric viewer stimulation vs. the preceding ads, hinting at the fact that in an age where giant mainstay brands like Pepsi are moving online, huge online brands still can reap the benefits of offline advertising.

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