10 Things to Do This Weekend For Under $10

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Barry McGee, part of the PAPER! AWESOME! show Sat. at Baer Ridgway

Whether you're craving ice cream and beats, grilled cheese and books, drone and dive bar basements, or poppy garage and Grace Cathedral, there's lots of cheap combo options for entertainment this weekend. And that's not evening mentioning budget film fests, a group art show with Barry McGee, and Werner Herzog's mad new movie...

Ice Cream Social w/ Deathface @ 222 Hyde (Fri.)
San Francisco clubgoers definitely have their cravings...for sweets. If you want sugary fried dough on a platter, there's always Donuts. And if you're looking for a cooler treat, tonight's Ice Cream Social will deliver on its name. DJs Sleazemore and Shane King promise free scoops of "milk chocolate with black pepper" ice cream, while it lasts. They'll also be serving up some severely bass-heavy, drilling-industrial electro from Brookyn's Deathface, whose low-end is so intense he could have your cones on the concrete in no time. ($7, 10 p.m.)

Bill Cotter, grilled cheese @ Amnesia (Fri.)
Tonight is the second of two McSweeney's events for Austin author Bill Cotter, whose book, Fever Chart, was released by Dave Eggers' publishing house. The novel focuses on a post-institutionalized Jerome Coe, who grabs a ride to New Orleans around Mardi Gras and ends up with "a bandaged hand, world-champion grilled cheese sandwiches, and only the occasional psychotic break." Tonight, Cotter will read and serve grilled cheese at Amnesia, where his celebrity food servers include Starlee Kine, a great This American Life contributor. Music will be provided by accordionist Rob Reich, who'll offer a fitting soundtrack to the New Orleans theme. (Free, 7 p.m.-9 p.m.)

Shores @ Li Po (Fri.)
If you can't spend your Friday night gazing out at some tranquil ocean landscape, perhaps San Francisco's Shores can take you there anyway--from the dingy basement of the beloved Chinatown dive, Li Po. The group's droning, minimalist compositions use the electronic (sound loops, effects pedals, turntables) and the au naturel (gong, didjeridoos, percussion) for a sound that's both eerie and celestial. The group performs tonight with The Thralls, Al Qaeda, and White Pee. (9 p.m., $6)

Harmony and Me @ Red Vic (Fri-Sun.)

"Slight, indifferently shot, and entirely lacking in ballast, Harmony and Me's sole justification for being is that it's consistently very funny. Harmony (Justin Rice) has a life full of (ha!) discord; obsessing over his ex, Jessica (Kristen Tucker), he floats through a boring tech job, takes piano lessons, and generally screws around in the kind of low-stakes economic free-fall that a college town like Austin, can sustain. Harmony should theoretically be a comedy of awkwardness -- it has ugly broken marriages, pedophile jokes, and a suicide attempt -- but, with hilarious dialogue, it's poised at the exact sweet spot where awkward encounters don't make the audience themselves uncomfortable, just amused. It's deceptively loose, but always on point -- like Bottle Rocket, only with no visual style, stakes, tension, or real substance. Nothing wrong with that. Director Bob Byington appears after both screenings at the Red Vic tonight." (Times vary; $7-$9) --Vadim Rizov

"The Art of Noise" @ Project One (Fri.)

"This multifaceted Noise Pop exhibition features a grab bag of creative types musing on music and art's influence on each other. Along with Lionel Deluy's video art and Russell Young's silkscreened musician mugshots, the show will explore physical works and pesky performance art in the cozy Potrero Hill gallery Project One. Tonight's free opening will include DJ Duserock on deck and live art installation 'Drums and Roses' by Ted Riederer and Danny Luehring of Tiny Television." (7 p.m.-10 p.m.) -- Emily Savage

"Freaks, Punks, Skanks, and Cranks" @ YBCA (Fri.-Sun.)
"Slap a title like 'Freaks, Punks, Skanks, and Cranks' on a film series, and it can mean only one thing: Fun for the whole family. At YBCA, the deafening and smoky machine wars staged under S.F. freeway overpasses by Mark Pauline and friends are saluted in 'Survival Research Laboratories Performance Films' (Sat. at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.). The colorful compendium of hellraisers and taboo-smashers continues with the impossibly brave and/or notoriously exhibitionistic Italian actress-writer-director Asia Argento plumbing the depths (or heights) of narcissism in her 2001 flick, Scarlet Diva (Sun. at 2 p.m.)." ($8) -- Michael Fox

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