The Apple Tablet: One More Reason to Hope Daddy's Check Clears

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For those of us that haven't touched a PC since The Oregon Trail, Apple CEO Steve Jobs provides a much needed service; his iPhone revitalized our mobile consumer habits to the point of creating an entirely new species of urban dweller. We now use our phones to hail cabs, land planes, and stalk our friends, all while maintaining a Jobsian minimalist edge.

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Photo via Dbreunig and Paul Boutin.

The new Apple multimedia tablet, rumored to unveil at January 27th's Apple media event in San Francisco, has just been confirmed to ship in March, which means we all have one more reason to hit up our trust funds (or our credit cards) come spring.

Or not? Over the weekend, tech pundit Joe Wilcox over at Betanews mused over the tablet's basic superfluousness to which Techcrunch's MG Siegler responded with pretty brilliant meta commentary in the title of his post, "The World Doesn't Need Someone Telling Us What We Don't Need in Tech.". Lest Uber-tweeter Robert Scoble be left out of the tablet bitchmeme, he also came up with his own post, defending the importance of tablets, in general. 

In actuality, whether or not the world "needs" another pricey device for media consumption will be played out in the marketplace come March, when orders start (or not) to roll in. In the case of the iPhone, Apple has proven that it can "create" the need for a given product. With Apple TV, not so much.

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