What To Do? Wednesday's Pick: S.F. Hearts Haiti

Jeremiah (L) and Sila (R)

S.F. Hearts Haiti: A Benefit for Doctors Without Borders @ The Independent

The San Francisco scene has already rushed to raise funds for Haitian earthquake relief and -- at least in terms of music -- this may be its most international effort yet. Maisha Productions' Jeremiah Kpoh assembled a map-straddling collection of local bands, singers, and DJs to create a benefit event at the Independent that paints the globe with broadly colored strokes: the live performers alone encompass genres like funky Afrobeat (Sila Mutungi), Jamaican reggae (Native Elements), jazzy soul (Joe Bagale), brassy Latin rap (Bayonics), poetic O-town hip-hop (Aima the Dreamer), and more. Now mix in a few DJs (including Amar, J-Boogie, Felina, and Jeremiah himself) to expand the stylistic possibilities into the areas of dub, downtempo, bhangra, batucada, and beyond. Okay, so they admittedly left out a few genres. No slack key, gamelan, Tuvan throat singing, or taiko percussion troupes have yet been announced. But who knows? By showtime there might be two polka bands, a Portuguese fado crooner, and a singing parrot named Pedro on the bill. (8 p.m., $10)

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