What To Do? Tuesday's Pick: The Drunken Monkey Lounge

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The Drunken Monkey Lounge @ Paradise Lounge

The Drunken Monkey Lounge isn't so much a place as it is a state of mind. In fact, it's not even a place at all: D.M.L. was a weekly happening at Annie's Social Club before that venue's recent demise -- and it occupied every Tuesday at the Cat Club before that -- so its 2010 move to the Paradise Lounge is just a continuation of what's essentially a drinking session set to music. In other words, a hangout. D.M.L.'s guest DJs (or occasionally Hicksmokey's iPod when the decks are empty) play just about anything imaginable: industrial metal, outlaw country, smoky old-school soul, swirly goth, gangsta rap, you name it. Can you drink like a monkey? Then you're invited. Opposable thumbs and a love of musical variety are all that's required. Other than cash for cocktails, that is. (9 p.m., free)

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