Unfriend Everyone At Once! Commit 'Web 2.0 Suicide'

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Are you tired of trying to decide whether your stepdad, your aunt, and that creepy dude from kindergarten are worth your social network friendship? Dude, it is exhausting trying to figure out who to allow into your inner Web, even if you only enter that web to see who all's been up in your invitation business.

So there's some good news possibly on the horizon. NPR reported this morning that a Dutch designed Web 2.0 Suicide Machine deletes all your social network commitments at once. That means all your profile info, all those photos of you with exes and getting wasted, all those 555 buddies you really don't know--gone. You can't log back in and reanimate yourself either. Where the old you smiled out from the computer screen, there will forever be an image of a noose.

Of course, Big Brother Facebook was not stoked. NPR also reports Facebook has blocked W2SM from its site. This after the Internet terminator claims to have unfriended 50,000 buddies for people and created "more than 500 forever 'signed-out' users."

Although I love the idea of "deleting all your energy sucking social-networking profiles, killing your fake virtual friends, and completely doing away with your Web2.0 alterego" I don't think I'm ready to off my profiles just yet. But I absolutely love the idea that this service is out there. Using it must feel like doing one of those movie moves where you swipe all the crap off your desk in one grand swoop. Only in this case, the 'crap' is Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. Even if W2SM is a joke, it's a damn good prank on the system regardless.

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