The Best of San Francisco's Trekkie Invasion: They Came, They Saw, They Vulcan Saluted

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An impressive crowd of self-proclaimed Star Trek nerds beamed up to this year's Star Trek Convention, held over the weekend at San Francisco's Westin St. Francis Hotel. Day one had a sparser -- but definitely no less nerdy -- turnout as most devoted fans had come to see Sir Patrick Stewart and William Shatner banter it up together on Sunday. But those who skipped out for Saturday's events missed some of the best costumes of the weekend, prepared especially for the costume contest. Here are a few characters and highlights from the convention:

Joseph Schell

The one on the far left is named Captain Maq'chel, but these ladies may refer to him as Captain Mac Daddy. What does Captain Mac like best about being captain? "All the ladies," he says. But has he boldly gone where no man has gone before?

Joseph Schell

This is Bill and Pam Lyons from the Sacramento area. Bill is a data analyst. Among the choices of a Klingon, a Borg, or a human presidential candidate, they said they'd definitely vote for the Klingon. "With all the terrorists after us ... Klingon's would tear 'em up," said Bill. But in return, we would also no doubt all be forcefully subjected to enroll in the Klingon Language Institute. And Klingon is most likely harder to learn than Chinese.

Joseph Schell
This is Vortex and Khor Kusac. They are from Toranto, and are a part of a nonprofit called KAG (Klingon Assault Group), which actually does some pretty sweet charity work. We didn't ask, but assume that, like Captain Mac, they too are in it for the ladies.

Joseph Schell

Sheila Lee here hails from the Sacramento area -- she owns a costume shop called Camelot Costumes in case you want to look awesome like her. She says that yes, blue lipstick is hard to find, but apparently blue eyeliner works fine too.

Joseph Schell

Competition at the costume contest was ridiculously fierce. This is also possibly the best picture ever taken.

Joseph Schell

Last but not least, this photo captures one of the best moments of the convention: when William Shatner proposed to Patrick Stewart.

Ok, so he didn't actually propose. He was just prostrating himself to the knighted Sir Stewart. Which still makes it sound pretty intimate.

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