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Adobe Books gigs usually fly under the radar, and it's sometimes easier to hear about what's coming up after the show's over than before. The Mission's literary, art, and sometime music outlet lists upcoming Thursday shows on its MySpace blog, but here's a five-month rundown of experimental, poppy, and folksy sounds to look forward to coming up.

January 7th:
The Myonics (Los Angeles)
Symbolick Jews (San Francisco)
Harlequin Baby (Santa Cruz)

January 14th:
Tan Dollar (Tustin/Irvine)
with Weed Diamond (Denver)
With Weekend (San Francisco)

January 21st: A READING!!!
Broc Rossell
With Joanna Ruocco

January 28th:
With Man and The Bearded Ladies (SF)

Feb 4th:
Chen Santa Maria (Oakland)
With Brown Un
With Hiss and Hum (SF)

Feburary 11th:
Evening Post (Oakland)
with the Marshmallows, an acoustic set by David Knowles

Febuary 18th:
Sean & Lucy (Albuquerque)

February 25h:
Scattered Like Birds (Oakland)
with Casey Chisholm (SF)

March 4th:
Sunbeam Rd. (SF)
with the Dashing Suns (Oakland)

April 1st: ART OPENING!!!
Peter Ito

May 6th:
Peter Matthew Kasen (Copenhagen)

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